Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wheels on Walnut


This sporty Morgan greeted the public during the Vintage Grand Prix Car Show Monday on Walnut Street in Shadyside.

The 2011 Vintage Grand Prix kicked off Monday with the annual car show on Walnut Street. From Aiken Avenue east to Negley Avenue, really old, somewhat old, and fairly new cars lined the street to undergo inspection by serious car buffs and curious patrons of nearby shops.

However, heavy storms literally put a damper on things. Torrential rain hit Shadyside at about 5 and 6:30 p.m., forcing some car owners to cover their beauties with tarps. The rain eventually ended at about 7:30.

Despite the weather, plenty of people still came out to admire these machines from the past. Many owners couldn’t have been prouder to talk about their labors of love with visitors, and the crowd seemed genuinely interested in their stories.

There are more activities this week leading up to Sunday’s race day, which is my favorite day of the summer. Since 2002, I’ve been heading to the golf course in Schenley Park to watch drivers take their vintage vehicles on the serpentine roads there.

I’ve also been a guest of a couple of friends who set up shop for a daylong party near a hairpin turn in the course. They’ve been doing it for years, and a good time is had by all. It’s great to see so many of the same faces each year – even if it’s the only time I see them.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for extremely hot temperatures for the next week. After what happened to me Saturday at Grant’s party, I might have to pass this year.

But things can change – both the weather and my mind – before then.

For more information, visit the Vintage Grand Prix Website.

Below are a few photos I managed to snap between showers that should whet your appetite for Sunday’s big event.

100_2115 The owner of this 1950s Oldsmobile wipes down the front half after the first rain storm blew through.

100_2162 This 1932 Franklin with an air-cooled engine was one of the standouts on the street Monday. The owner said it took three years for him to get it looking this fine.


This Fiat owner explains the unique items on the car’s engine to a curious passerby.


A young lady sits inside a 1931 Model A Ford.


The young lady’s friend captures the moment.


The gentleman who owns this 1956 Jaguar said it took five years and $100,000 to return it to pristine condition.


Two storms couldn’t keep people from the cars.


Some folks weren’t so fortunate.


Anonymous said...

Great posts Perry, keep them coming, I'll stay tuned!!
Cheers, Dani

Perry said...

Thanks for the positive response. I'll keep posting!

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